Continuous processing vessel / Digester

Price: £55,000
Condition: 8 / 10
Stock Ref: 7657
Item:- Continuous processing vessel .This digester could be used for in-line drying, will heat comfortably to 100C , has a "brain" which will control loads of other items, pumps,motors PLC Sequences etc. presently all packed in 2 x 40ft containers.

dismantled and in 2 containers in our yard

Size:- will process 5 tonnes per hour of woodchip. Each tube is 12” schd 10s tube with a ribbon screw to convey the material.

Capacity:- approx. 15.56 cubic mtr internal volume

Material:- Wetted parts in 304 stainless steel with mild steel jackets and structure

Cat No:- PX/28

Details:- continuous processing vessel. Working pressure of 3.5 Bar and a working temperature of up to 130C. Will process any material that can be conveyed by screw conveyors. Steam jackets and or steam injection provide. The cooking duration is determined by the rotational speed of the screws, times of between 45min to 2 hrs have been used. The jackets are 16” Schd 40 steel tubes. All 12” flanges are Cl150 in 304ss. 4” access / inspection / rodding ports are at the ends of each tube. Each tube is individually driven with a motor gearbox. The unit is supplied with air locks and control panel.