Waeschle Aluminium Non Aspirated Bag Tipping Unit and Screw Discharger

Price: £2000
Condition: 8 / 10
Stock Ref: 4778
Waeschle aluminium non aspirated bag tipping unit with hinged lid, bag support step and internal safety grid. The unit is 2.0 metres high x 740 mm wide and has a motorised level switch above the discharger and 4 of the units have motorised product agitators just above the discharger. They come with a screw discharger that bolts to the base. The screw discharger is in stainless steel with a 200 mm wide x 620 mm long hopper with a 100 mm diameter screw with segmented flights and a 1.1 kw 69 rpm drive. Overall discharger length is about 1.5 metres and there is an electro-pneumatic cut off slide on the outlet to prevent carry over. Built 1998
Price is £2000 for one bag tipping unit and one screw discharger.
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